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Genesis Centre
Ian Chellen


Genesis Centre is described as a Kingdom Community. The term Community is used to precisely describe the culture, shape, form and design of a kingdom civilization that is defined and built by God.

Ian and Nisha Chellan


Ian and Nisha Chellan are founders and Senior Elders of Genesis Centre a ministry committed to the advancement of the Kingdom and God's present truth purposes in the earth.

Ian teaches under a strong apostolic and prophetic mantle and travels extensively speaking in churches and conferences. Ian possesses a strong building dimension to ignite and initiate change within the Church.

He is also a Development Coordinator of the KCN North America region of Congress WBN's KCN Network - an apostolic network of ministers, subsidiary networks and ministries spread across the world.


Genesis Centre was birthed by a Prophetic Word given to Ian Chellan in 2005. The macro and signature focus of Genesis Centre is to facilitate the and building of a Kingdom Civilization in the earth. We describe this Kingdom Civilization as a representation of Christlikeness.


To love God with all of our heart, soul and body and to exalt the person of Jesus Christ.

To bring about the finish of God's global purpose.

To equip, build and mature individuals and families.

To resource, reform and restructure the Body of Christ.

To build a prophetic people with all the gifts of the Spirit manifested within the nature and character of Christ.

To recognize and receive the foundation laying ministry gifts of Apostles and Prophets and offices of the Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher so that the foundation of the Church will be strong and be brought into a state of functional maturity.

To function as a core church for CongressWBN and to produce a model for an empowered Kingdom lifestyle.


Relationally, Genesis Center is a local expression of a Global Borderless Kingdom Community. We also serve as a CORE Community for the Kingdom Community Network a sector of  Congress WBN. We are in relationship with the Core Leadership Council of Congress WBN with specific relationship with Dr. Noel Woodroffe who serves as an apostolic resource to this Community.

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